Friday, September 9, 2011

Socialites & Drag Queens - Unleashed by Garo

"Can I pull you a little bit tighter?" Garo Sparo asks a socialite with self esteem issues as he cinches her waist in six inches, and thus the first episode of Unleashed by Garo is named. It's fortunate that Garo considers himself part artist and part psychologist because it is obvious that all of the clients featured on his new show will need more then a killer outfit to get their heads right. I am not crazy about reality tv and the drama on this one defintely feels forced but regardless I really enjoyed the premiere.

I like Garo. He seems authentic and he's certainly talented. His claim: "With a single outfit I can unleash the real you" seems genuine and he managed to connect with each of his clients on a deeper level. He specializes in costume pieces and all additional creations from wedding to couture are only slightly less dramatic. He loves bias-cut silk charmeuse, beads, baubles, embroidery and a corseted silhouette. Though his gowns are not my style the over the top costume pieces make my heart race. His design house is filled with interesting and immediately likeable characters. Gerrold, the "in house gadgets guy", describes his approach to design as less fashion and more science fiction. Gerrold's steampunk look is quirky and stylish and his work seems very cool. I also have a huge crush on Sequinette, the "corset specialist". Strange that they showed her all dolled up but never mentioned that she is a female-to-female drag performer. In fact, Garo is the head designer for Screaming Queens Entertainment so I imagine that drag will continue to play a big role on this show. Less Hedda Lettuce and more Epiphany Get Paid, please! 

Unleashed By Garo premieres tonight on the Sundance Channel. I caught it on Hulu and will definitely keep it in the queue.

xo - jocelyn

Images: 1-7,9,10: Garo Sparo's myspace page 8: Motherboards NYC,

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