Friday, September 16, 2011

Ebay Update - Vintage Dress Up

I love vintage clothing. I love buying it and I love selling it. I love the variety, how each piece is special, how you can trade in it for years and rarely see the same garment twice. I love the quality, the construction, the fabric, the tiniest of details. I love researching facts, weaving a story and being a part of each piece's history. As much as I love wearing vintage I also love finding the right home for each piece that passes through my hands. 

That said, I'll admit that I have a problem. I can value vintage to a fault. It's hard for me to give up a dress if there is even the slightest chance that I might wear it one day. I've held on to dresses for years that were a size too small, a size too large or not exactly my style. I'm not a collector, just a dreamer. I often find myself tucking a gem away in the back of my closet while imagining the me that might wear it. She may be a little thinner, a little more brave, a little classier or maybe she's just the sort of girl who has the sense to take something to the tailor. 

I recently took a big step and passed on a pretty 40s silk dress. It was a little overpriced and it needed some work. That hasn't stopped me in the past but this time I asked myself a tough question: will I really wear this dress? The answer was maybe. Maybe I'll replace the buttons and I'll have it tailored. Maybe I'll wear it but probably not that often. So I left it behind for someone who can answer that question with a much more enthusiastic yes. It felt great.

Now I'm doing the same thing in my own closet. The first step - letting go of a few really fabulous dresses. Maybe each one could be the perfect dress for me some day but it's much more likely that each will be the perfect dress for someone else right now. So I have decided to share. After all, I know how hard it is to find vintage in my size and I know the thrill of finding that special dress that feels like it was made for you...

Dresses above are currently available for sale in my ebay shopLeft to right:

xo - jocelyn

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