Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Style Icon: Christina Hendricks

I love: vintage clothing, sassy broads, redheads and curves. So naturally, for me, it doesn't get much better than Christina Hendricks. She has it all - striking beauty, an expressive face, a sweet smile, impeccable style and acting chops. She is the quintessential hollywood bombshell.

Right now I am watching season 4 of Mad Men and re-watching season 1 with my husband. So much Joan. Her character has developed a lot over the years but I've recently had the opportunity to reflect on just how impressive she was that first season. Most notably I am reminded of the initial excitement that came with seeing a curvy gal land a role like that. How meaningful it was. In a country where the average woman's dress size is 12-14 it blows my mind that an "average" sized woman appearing on television can make such huge waves. America may be ready for a chubby best friend but it's painfully obvious that some are still not ready for the curvy sex symbol. Despite being named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire the media and public are still hypercritical of every inch and every outfit.* Such a shame. I'll admit that Joan was a little shocking to me at first too, but only because I am not accustomed to seeing my ideal on television.

Off screen Christina's style ranges from retro to sleek and modern. She wears a lot of outfits that Joan might and many that she would certainly frown upon. Without the restrictive undergarments her shape doesn't change much; she looses a little definition in the waist but she is still a classic hourglass. She is proud of her body and knows how to dress her curves and I respect that immensely. In interviews she comes across as clever and likeable, sometimes even a little goofy. She's the sort of girl that I would love to have cocktails with. We'd talk about Joss Whedon, Tom Waits, 30's era carnivals and good food. I'd ask her how she really feels about her Barbi's unrealistic proportions. Hopefully she would be much more candid in private then she was on Ellen...

xo - jocelyn

* If you are pro Christina, pro curves, a feminist or all of the above and want to get riled up read this article.

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  1. God bless Christina Hendricks for flaunting her lovely tits...