Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Can't Fake Fashion


Deborah Llyod for kate spade

Foley + Corinna

John Varvatos

Joy Gryson

Joy Gryson 

Nicole Miller

Robert Gellar


The CFDA and Ebay have teamed up for another round of "You Can't Fake Fashion" totes. Bidding started at 11 AM EST and the designer bags are already sold out. Still, if you love all things fashionable it's worth a peek - think art installation not missed opportunity. Over 75 designers contributed to today's offerings. Each designer used 1 of 4 CFDA canvas tote's as a backdrop for their own work of art. Designer bag sold for $200. The canvas tote's are still available.

The campaign's focus is on raising funds and awareness to combat counterfeiting. The Ebay marketplace is a unique environment  where you can score an incredible deal on designer but there is a seedy underbelly, too. I am proud of Ebay for fighting the good fight. It benefits them to maintain a good reputation and kicking counterfeiters out of our community benefits us as Ebayers. Personally, I feel that establishing trust and loyalty between buyers and sellers is the best way to combat for this cause at the grassroots level.

The slogan kind of kills be, though. I hate to split hairs but isn't the issue here that counterfeiters CAN, in the most literal sense, fake fashion. Maybe not the concept or the art but certainly the execution. Sure, most knock-offs are just that but high-end falsies can look just as fresh as the real thing. Still, it's catchy and it gets the point across.

I support fully embacing the sentiment - buy a CFDA canvas tote ($45) and create your own work of art. Go all blank dunny on it. But no matter what you do please don't sew a hot pink boa on to it. Betsey already did that and you can't fake fashion.

xo - jocelyn

Images: Ebay Fashion Vault