Friday, July 8, 2011

Stone Cold Fox

I am not a shorts girl but these 70's inspired beauties make me wish that I was. Summer has just begun and I'm already bored with destroyed denim cutoffs. It's definitely refreshing to see something unique. Each pair of Margarita Shorts is handmade out of Mexican blanket fabric by California lady label Stone Cold Fox. They are being offered as a limited edition through the Free People website. My favs are the red Navajo print. They cost a pretty penny and only come in tiny sizes but in a world of sweat shops and mass production I feel it's important to support small indie labels and to splurge on handmade when you can.

Speaking of handmade, does anyone know where I can find thin Mexican Blanket fabric like this? I'd love to make a skirt out of it. The Mexican blankets I've seen for sale would be too bright and too thick. I love the muted vintage look of this stuff.

xo - jocelyn


  1. You're right...Mexican blanket fabric would be too thick, unless they're managing to find well worn Mexican blanket fabric, but the colors look too bright for them to be well worn vintage...

    By the way- I love this blog!

  2. Check out samyol2000 on Etsy :-)

    And if you might be interested in Mexican kitsch/retro/tongue-in-cheek or some weird combination of those, search on "Alexander Henry fabric" or "Robert Kaufman fabric" and, to a lesser degree, "Elizabeth Studio fabric" (lesser only because ES fabrics don't focus as much on the Mexican themes). Or search on eBay for "Mexican fabric" and you'll get a mixed bag of those names.

    These are designer fabrics and are priced accordingly -- usually $10/yard or more. They're almost always a midweight fabric (think denim shirt) in 100% cotton, so would be great for a skirt.

    I've been collecting Alexander Henry fabrics for a number of years now -- his designs are just so...yeah. He does a lot of different things with a "Dia de los muertos" theme; my current favorite is a design of his from 2009; it's a perfect example of the toile style, in the traditional toile colorways...but with skeletons instead of living people. Gotta see it to really understand how totally awesome that is: [ ]

    And in searching for that link, I discovered that a search for "Aztec fabric" on eBay turns up more of the kinds of fabric Stone Cold Fox uses for their shorts! Here's one example: [ ] I'm thinking that a search on "Native American fabric" might turn up more of the Navajo-type stuff, but don't have time to test that out right now....

    Enjoy :-)

  3. Awesome. Thanks for all the info!

    I am in LOVE with that toile fabric. It would make really cool throw pillows. The Guadalajara print from Alexander Henry's current collection is cool, too. Very eclectic line.

    Funny, ebay hadn't even occured to me. Go figure. I'll have to check it all out...