Sunday, July 17, 2011

Currently Coveting - The Perfect Summer Sandals

I have a uniform: American Apparel deep v-neck tee, skinny jeans, keds, hoodie. This year I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone. I am slowly introducing more colors and patterns in to my closet but I still can't get out of my jeans. I know that there's a skirt + dress girl inside of me. Maybe she's just waiting for the perfect sandals. These Miu Miu's would make it sooo much easier. Chic but comfy and masculine enough to toughen up a girly dress. For a feminine touch I'd paint my toe nails California Coral. Now I just need to find an affordable alternative...


  1. Ohhh.. great pick! This one can take you all the way to early Fall. Check out DSW.. I find cheaper alternatives there..

  2. DSW is a great idea! I always forget about that place.

  3. Super cute! I will ask my fashion savvy friend Jocelyn if she knows where you can find a cheaper alternative...