Friday, August 19, 2011

Yoü And I: Mother Monster, Yüyi, Jo Calderone

Lady Gaga started as a guilty indulgence but she quickly turned in to something more. She's a gem. An odd beauty. A fierce fashionista. Truly talented. A total weirdo. Sometimes she can be too much - Too Gaga and frankly too Madonna
Still, I respect that even when she is too much at least she isn't too little.

I've found this new batch of singles disappointing. Contrived, even (but I suppose that is the nature of pop). I don't love 'Born This Way'. I feel neutral towards 'Edge of Glory' and so far I actively dislike 'Judas'. Maybe one night after a few drinks and some serious dancing it will play and I will make my peace with it but until then thumbs down. Ultimately, I had already sort of checked out until today...

'Yoü And I' pulled me back in. It is solid. Totally unlike the others. I love the country twang. Like 'Speechless', it's more classic rock ballad than club hit. It is a welcome reminder that she is an interesting and versatile artist. Like Madonna, Gaga is destined to spend her career trying on new looks and new sounds and though I won't always like what I hear, often I will. The video is strange and beautiful. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for an alter-ego but I am fascinated by Yüyi the Mermaid.

If I'm being real - the song is good and the video is inspired but it's Jo that I can't get enough of. I am smitten. He was shockingly handsome in his Vogue Hommes Japan debut last year (below) but in this video he is more masculine, more gritty and more authentic. Stupid hot.

 And that kiss? Wow.  

xo - jocelyn

Images: 1 Tweeted by Gaga 2,3,6: Popdust 4,5: Showstudio

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